Frontex Builds its Own Armed Border Police Force

Arms deals, paramilitary border police, and obfuscated accountability. The recent developments surrounding the EU border guard agency Frontex are worrying, to say the least. Therefore, on December 18, the Abolish Frontex network will campaign internationally against the militarization of European border security. Franka Kraai (Stop the War on Migrants) Mark Akkerman (Stop Wapenhandel) A DutchContinue reading “Frontex Builds its Own Armed Border Police Force”

Exclusion in White Workplaces

Exposing Whiteness: how casual racism excludes non-white colleagues. By Sofia F.  “The whitewashed workplace, like a whitewashed wall, is seen as colorless rather than white as white culture becomes universalized” M. REitman, 2006 I have a confession to make. Despite living in Canada for 14 years, I have never been to a cottage. If youContinue reading “Exclusion in White Workplaces”

Doctors and Dilemmas: A Year with Corona in the Netherlands

Two philosophers reflect on ethics and politics in corona times. Each year, hundreds of thousands of first-year philosophy students are introduced to the finer points of moral philosophy through a famous nightmare scenario. They are asked to imagine a loose trolley racing over a train track to which five people are tied. They can divertContinue reading “Doctors and Dilemmas: A Year with Corona in the Netherlands”

Editorial “Introducing Baghawat”

opposition, rebellion, uprising – بغاوت Welcome to this first editorial for Baghawat, the place of the displaced. We – two displaced women – have created this platform and publication as a space where we can come together free of national borders, societal expectations, and normative constrictions. We are overt and proud anti-racists, queers, neurodivergents, refugeesContinue reading “Editorial “Introducing Baghawat””